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InterDeposit is the outcome of 30 years’ experience in the deposit of digital works.

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Through a simple & intuitive interface, InterDeposit issues certified evidentiary documents and secures their long-term storage

The data you deposit are associated with unequivocal evidentiary files archived in real time at your facilities and with APP.

InterDeposit supplies you with an encrypted digital Logibox (digital sealed envelope) containing both the elements in your deposit and the digital evidentiary files associated with them.

InterDeposit affords you access to APP’s deposits’ custodial services, whereby APP holds a copy of your digital Logibox, stored at your option on a secure server or in a sealed physical envelope (a physical“Logibox”).

To sum up, the InterDeposit solution assures you:

  • Certainty of the date through timestamping
  • A link attesting rights ownership, thanks to the signature
  • Digital fingerprinting to mark each file and the combination of all the constituent files in a deposit
  • Regular monitoring of your data integrity (for a digital deposit)
  • A link to APP for assignment of an IDDN number to your deposits and to APP custodial services


The InterDeposit solution enables you to deploy a comprehensive copyright management policy, among other purposes to provide evidence and thus enhance the value of your intangible assets.


By combining technologies used to provide evidence (timestamping, signature, digital fingerprinting, archival storage) and business-specific functions, InterDeposit helps you rationalise and enhance the effectiveness of your copyright management policy.


InterDeposit memorises and maps the changes in your intangible asset base over time.

Request a live demo : Contact us.