35 years of expertise

The APP (Agency for the Protection of Programs), European organization for the defense of authors and publishers of digital works, is an association law 1901.

Partner of creators in the digital environment, the APP has already assisted more than 17,000 members in the protection and management of their portfolio of digital creations, mainly professional (software, databases, websites, etc.).

As trusted third parties, the APP has become the reference organization in digital protection, for companies and institutions, but also for individuals in France and abroad. It acts as a third-party escrow agent, particularly in the context of escrow contracts, to reassure customers and partners about the sustainability of their investments.

More than a hundred decisions have recognised the APP’s right to take legal action, several of which come from criminal courts.

  • 1982
    Creation of the APP
  • 1986
    Creation of the InterDeposit Environment
    Foundation of the legal protection solutions of the APP
  • 1998
    of the 1st Investment Agreement
  • 1999
    10,000th registered creation in the IDDN Directory
  • 2013
    InterDeposit Corporate
    Launch of the platform
  • 2016
    Launch of the first APP webinars
  • 2017
    InterDeposit Web
    Launch of the platform

Our missions, our vocation

Creators or editors of digital works, APP has been assisting you since 1982.

In practice, although copyright protects your works from their creation, it is difficult to prove your rights and their infringement.

That is why the APP:

The APP is also a permanent member of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office, Switzerland) and CSPLA (Superior Council of Literary and Artistic Property of the Ministry of Culture, France).

Our values

Confidentiality is very important for the APP which respects the will of its Members to protect their private information and their deposits.

In order to preserve the trust of its Members, the APP has implemented a confidentiality policy defined in the APP General Regulations and the Legal Notices on the website.

A team of specialists

As our businesses require both technical and legal expertise, our teams are made up of legal professionals, development engineers and experts with both legal and technical skills.

Our multidisciplinary experts are at your disposal to assist you in the protection of your portfolio of creations and to answer your legal, patrimonial, operational and commercial needs.

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InterDeposit, 6 years of R & D in the service of proof

Since its creation, the APP has adopted a prospectivist approach in order to anticipate changes in business practices such as the digitization of procedures. The APP wondered how to dematerialise the filing process on the probation chain while guaranteeing the same level of reliability as that of the physical deposit.

The InterDeposit platform was designed in particular to respond to this challenge by providing APP members with innovative and secure solutions with the assurance that the processes are tamper-proof and can not be manipulated.

Thus, the InterDeposit software solution gives you an additional level of confidence and guarantees the confidentiality of data exchanges and the data itself.

Our Members safely deposit within the platform that meets the requirements of compliance with the General Safety Regulations (RGS).