Join and benefit from all the services of the APP

… including 24×7 direct access to the online platform to quickly and easily upload your digital creations, manage your contracts and your creative portfolio.

Why join?

The APP is for all those, legal entities or individuals:

  • who create or publish professional digital works (software, mobile applications, databases, websites, etc.);
  • who wish to ensure the traceability of strategic documents relating to business secrets (research papers, algorithms, descriptions of methods and know-how, etc.).

By being a member of the APP, you initiate a long-term relationship allowing:

  • as a first step, to answer the needs for quick and simple protection of your digital creations or your strategic contents;
  • and over the long term, to equip you with the tools you need to develop a real probationary strategy and make the most of your portfolio of digital creations;
  • to find a trusted third party who will guarantee your rights and those of your partners in the framework of leading the development of a software project for your partners, through an escrow.

The APP offers you access to InterDeposit, an exclusive software platform, allowing you to deposit your content and manage your history. The APP keeps in France the proofs and contents recorded in all confidentiality, according to the strictest security standards. The annual fee allows us to offer you competitive rates on simple but very expert solutions.

La palette de services de protection de l’APP
est exclusivement réservée à ses Membres.

In addition, thanks to your membership, our legal team can dedicate some of their time to spreading good practices. The APP publishes reference material and performs technical and legal monitoring in the field of new technology law, allowing you to have up-to-date information on the evolution of legislation, regulations and case-law specific to protection of creators and users of digital works.

Who can join?

The Member is the rights holder (the “owner”) of the creatives to be protected. He can be:

Legal entities

The corporate officer or an authorized employee will act on behalf of the legal entity that employs or represents it.


Natural person or individual business

You personally own the rights to a digital creation or the company and the individual entrepreneur form legally one and the same person.

Ex: Personal business, liberal profession, etc.

Membership Account Manager

In most cases, the right holder manages their own account. Other people can also act in the context of membership:

Co-owners: If your creations have multiple co-owners (co-holders), you must declare them to the APP. Only the applicant (mandated by other co-holders) is required to join the APP. Co-owners have rights to information about deposits made on their behalf. And if rights holders of a creation evolve over time?

Authorised Representative: If you are an authorised representative (ex: proxy, mandatary), that is to say that you carry out the formalities on behalf of one or many rights holders, without yourself claiming rights on the creations to be deposited (ex: ESN partner , lawyer, SATT, holding company for one of its rights holding subsidiaries, etc.) :

  1. you must join the APP if you wish to use our deposit software solutions ;
  2. the one who mandates you must be a member of the APP. This principal will be considered by the APP as the “owner” of the deposit chain. It has the capacity to revoke your mandate and to continue the deposit chains. This does not exclude co-ownership on this path In this case, only the rights holders will appear on the IDDN certificate. You will, however, have access to the history of the deposits you have made in the same way as the rights holders concerned.

How to join?

You can apply online through our website or through our membership forms . Once your membership is validated, you can access our services. The subscription to the APP is annual, from date to date, and fixed, regardless of the number of deposits or the degree of activity of the applicant. For more information on the conditions of membership, you can refer to the General Regulations of the APP.