Filing with the APP allows a digital creation to be registered by entering it in the international IDDN register of which the APP is the exclusive depositary, to give it a certain date and to archive a copy, sealed or encrypted, to the APP which acts as a trusted third party.

The filing with the APP is mainly intended for professional digital creations (software, mobile applications, databases, websites, etc.).


Escrow is an Anglo-Saxon concept.

This consists, for the supplier of a product or service, in entrusting a third party with essential elements (software, database, documents, etc.) for the use of this product or the provision of this service, in order to ensure that a third party (customer, partner, etc.) has the possibility of accessing it, in accordance with the provisions laid down between the parties, and in particular in the event of failure of the supplier.

Our technologies

The InterDeposit service has chosen to comply with several recognised standards with regard to its technical base and also the trusted service providers it uses. In particular, the platform complies with the General Safety Regulations (RGS).