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Why deposit?

There are two main reasons for depositing your digital creations.

The first is an asset or evidence reason, based on the need to protect and define your digital creations. Depositing an asset achieves four objectives:

  • It proves your creation: a deposit with APP defines the content of your creation so you can prove it in the event of any forgery
  • It dates your creation: a deposit with APP certifies the date of your creation to demonstrate precedence
  • It proves the affiliation of your creation: a deposit with APP helps to establish your link to your creation to allow you to take legal action and claim damages
  • It demonstrates the development of your creation: by using APP update services, you can retrace the progress of your creation to define the progressive and successive changes you’ve made

The second reason is commercial, due to the need for secure dealings with third parties:

  • Reassure your users by providing contractual access to your deposits in the event you default
  • Enhance your digital creations in the eyes of your partners or shareholders by demonstrating regular deposits