What to deposit in the context of an escrow?

It is recommended to deposit a functional and operational package.


The classic case of escrow is that of specific software ordered by a client from his supplier.  A strategic document set for the continuity of a R&D service or partnership can also be escrowed.


If necessary for the maintenance or use of the product, you can include elements in the deposit that you are not the rights holder (with a declaration of non-request of rights).


In the event of authorized access to the deposit, it will be made fully accessible to the beneficiary. It is therefore recommended to make escrow-specific deposits in dedicated IDDN filiations.


The frequency of deposit (example: delivery of a new version to the client) is normally included in the escrow agreement or access clause you have signed with your client(s).


It is recommended, to reassure the parties on the content of the deposits, to make an Advanced Deposit (verified or controlled deposit) with the APP. This procedure makes it possible in particular to ensure, for a software, that the deposited elements (source code, binary, documentation, etc.) are indeed those required by the beneficiary.