FAQ – Under what circumstances can a logibox be opened?

The logibox, a physical or a digital sealed envelope containing the elements deposited with the APP, can only be opened in three cases:

  • by court decision;
  • at the request of the applicant and only by a sworn agent of the APP;
  • at the request of the beneficiary of an escrow, pursuant to article 6 of the General Regulations of the APP, and provided that the Access Commission has delivered a favourable opinion following the examination of the access request.

Any opening of a logibox other than in the three cases listed above will result in the loss of its evidential value.

  • Before the work is completed in order to pre-constitute proof of ownership of the rights relating to the work as soon as possible, in particular by depositing preparatory documents, specifications, etc.;
  • Before the work is published and/or commercialized, in order to protect against possible usurpation by third parties;
  • For each new version or improvement of the work so that the changes made to the original work are preserved and a logical link is established between the different versions of the same work.